Hi, I'm Victoria!

I’m a proud millennial, Chicago resident, California native, yoga teacher, engineer, foodie, wife and feminist. That’s right. A little unconventional but isn’t that the beauty of it? In the fall of 2016 I left my corporate job to teach yoga full time, and within the span of three weeks I had a career change, got married, and finished home renovations/moved. It was such a whirlwind that I didn’t have time to process any of it in the moment, but fast forward past the election and the new year and I’d finally settled into my new life. At that point I realized what was missing was an outlet to discuss the things I’m passionate about and to find a way to become a more active part of my community and the world more broadly.

In sharing this vision with others I received such enthusiastic feedback that I decided to start Almonds & Asana, a space for sharing health, wellness, and mindful lifestyle tips for being more of an activist in your everyday life. My aim is to create a place where learning about ourselves and others through food, fitness and even feminism helps us to become better citizens. If we all just choose to take a few small steps towards making our communities and world a little better, the total change could be monumental. I hope you join me in this journey!

For collaborations, private bookings, and rate card details email me at

I have a BS & MS in Information Engineering & Management from Southern Methodist University, five years of corporate experience working in Supply Chain & Shopper Marketing at PepsiCo, and am 200HR RYT certified through Bare Feet Power Yoga & Yoga Alliance.

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