Six Favorite Order In Dishes: Chicago

  1. Beatrix - Ok this is my top pick. I may have OD’d on this but if you want a healthful, hearty meal look no further than the Turkey Neatloaf. The portion is generous, coming with 3 slices of moist turkey meatloaf, a heaping scoop of creamy mashed potatoes, and a fresh side of braised kale. I mean it’s perfection
  2. Halal Guys - I don't know if I’m embarrassed or proud to admit how often I crave and order a chicken or mixed plate from these dudes. The food is yummy, it’s basically protein, rice, and some kinda skimpy veggies. If you are looking for filling food this is it, but don’t expect any dark leafy greens. Big tip - do NOT skimp on the white sauce, it's heavenly.
  3. Ema - I am SOO thrilled to see Ema on the Uber Eats app, I recently ordered my favorite dishes and was beyond happy with the order: chicken kefta, crispy potatoes, shaved romaine & freekah salad. It was the perfect combination of healthy but a tiny indulgent and was more than enough food for one hungry person.
  4. Xoco - I haven't had this since I lived in RN 4 years ago but I recently had a hankering for their carnitas soup and Caviar pulled through big time. The carnitas soup is full of salty pulled pork, arugula, and a rich but oddly light green citrusy broth.
  5. De Pasada - this started as a strictly order-in burrito spot but once we realized it was like an 8-minute drive from our house we tend to pop over there now a days. I found this place on grub hub after drooling over burrito pictures for hours. I am from California and nothing in Chicago has ever compared for me, but sometimes the shredded beef super burrito quenches the desire.
  6. Sushi Dokku - Well this happens to be my favorite sushi restaurant in Chicago and I’m not really one to order in tons of sushi, but from Dokku go for the tuna truffle nigiri & ramen. It is smooth and hearty and beyond flavorful.