Better Life - Natural Cleaning Products

I've always been a super sensitive person when it comes to scents, perfumes, and other irritants. For example when I was a little kid at sleep away camp I had to have my laundry done separate of everyone else after breaking out in hives from the laundry detergent. I'm also sort of a germ a phobe so I'm constantly cleaning and love things that say "anti bacterial". I know there are some big debates over that and I don't like the idea of being round or consuming too many extra chemicals so you can imagine my jubilation when I discovered Better Life.

I happened to catch them once on Shark Tank while flying cross country on a SOutherwest Airlines flight (yay for wifi & live TV!) and immediately jotted down their name and bought the Unscented All Purpose Cleaner and super lightly scented Citrus Mint Floor Cleaner ASAP upon returning home.

A few notes:

  • The two things that hooked me from Shark Tank: 1) when they proved that their cleaner killed more bacteria from raw chicken than competitors 2) when one of the founders sprayed the cleaner right into his MOUTH to show how safe the product is
  • The unscented is TRULY unscented, no smells at all. And the lightly scented floor cleaner is super delicate and as someone that hates floral/chemical smells I have no issue with it.
  • It works SO well. I can't wait to stock up on more of their products because the All Purpose Cleaner cuts through grease and grime and truly works better than other products I've tried in the past.
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  • It works on every surface! From quartz countertops, to painted wood tables, to stainless steel, it doesn't streak and leaves every surface fresh.IMAGES BY CASSANDRA ELDRIDGE OF CASSANDRA PHOTO – WWW.CASSANDRA-PHOTO.COM