How Long Can You Wing It - Ranger Nutrition Podcast Recap

Our first episode this season features Scott Hardesty, an ex Army Ranger & Founder of Ranger Nutrition. I'm not going to give away all of the best tidbits here so you better take a listen! However, I did want to elaborate a little bit on the discussion and some other things I've been thinking about since the episode. The question here was how long can you wing it, and as my co-host pointed out as we started to get into some fuzzy territory, winging it and being "scrappy" are two different things. It's hard sometimes to delineate between the two but I get his point here, winging it is more the idea that you're getting things done without necessarily having a process or all of your best practices & resources in place. Being scrappy might mean that you have all of these things in place but you're being really smart about how you use the resources that you have to get things done.

It's easy, at least for me, to forget the difference but it's important to keep in mind. Winging it, as we discuss in the episode, is something you can only do for so long at the start of any business or life venture. At some point, you run into barriers and complications that come along with not having a process or strategy that mean you have to stop winning it and start creating a solid plan. On the flip side, being scrappy is something you can do throughout your business/venture even once you have a strategy/resources/best practices/plan.

It seems pretty simple when you think about it but it was a good reminder to be mindful of using terms like that so interchangeably.

What are your thoughts on this distinction? What are examples of times you've winged it or been scrappy? I would definitely say I'm winging it right now!! Would love to hear your experiences!

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S7E1 - Scott Hardesty
S7E1 - Scott Hardesty