Wedding Registry: Tips, Tricks, and 12 Favorite Items From Williams Sonoma & Anthropologie

For our wedding, I was hesitant in registering as I kept thinking we already had everything we needed, but boy was I wrong. You quickly realize that the things you register for end up being the really nice and long lasting versions of the kind of jenky stuff you had previously acquired throughout your short adult life. We (Ok really I) opted to register at Williams Sonoma, Anthropologie, and HoneyFUnd.

I knew right off the bat I wanted Williams Sonoma because I adore their stores (also my bestie works for corporate) and I knew they had a great policy for newlyweds: 10% off every purchase for a full 6 months after your wedding! That turned out to be clutch around the holidays let me tell you.

I also knew right away that Anthropologie was where I wanted to get dishes, pretty bowls, kitchen towels - all the really cute stuff. And sure glad I did, because that stuff has come in handy for this here blog! Also, not that i would EVER do this (wink wink) but occasionally when we got something we didn't want or need if I wasn't able to find a kitchen item to replace it, there was always the clothing section!

Lastly we registered on HoneyFund which was awesome because you can select specific experiences that friends and family can buy you and then you can thank them for that exact experience. Truthfully, the way you receive the HoneyFund is really just as cash into your account but you get a really nice printout of who bought what so you know how to allot your cash on your honeymoon. Only downside is, you do have to pay a small fee.

Here are the top items I've used since receiving from our registry (besides for like spatulas, tongs, etc because those are a MUST have):


  • Shun Premier Knives: these are the absolute best. We registered for both the full block set & for individual kinves because they are super pricey but well worth it (you can always exchange the individual knives if some super fancy guest decides to get you the whole set! you never know!) Of the whole set I mostly use the Santoku, the pairing knife, and the steak knives. The best part is that if they ever need to be sharpened you can send them off to their HQ to be done for you!
  • Vitamix: Ok to be honest this wasn't exactly a registry gift but if you don't have one, add it! We have the large Vitamix but I got my dad this one for Christmas and he loves it. Both sizes hold plenty and actually the small one might work better if you plan to cook for 1-2 people.
  • Anything by Le Creuset: We received multiple pieces, some we register for some we didn't and I love them all. You honestly cannot go wrong, it more has to do with what type of cooking you plan to use it for. I found that I use one that was given us (outside of our registry so sadly I cannot find it online!) but it's a bit more shallow than the standard dutch oven so it's great for making things like bolognese where I want to brown all of the meat evening because it has more surface area. But truthfully I love all of my Le Creuset pieces equally.
  • All-Clad Copper Core Nonstick Fry Pan (12in): All around just a great pan, I use it for everything. However I wish I had the top to it for steaming things. It's a great size and cooks so evenly. Highly recommend this guy.
  • 10 Piece Glass Bowl Set: This seems so simple but I use the entire set all the time. Great, classic bowls to use in the kitchen. Definitely add these!
  • Acacia Salad Bowl: I literally use this almost every single day. It's beautiful and just the right dimensions, I adore it.
  • Glenna Dish Set: We opted not to get China but we did get a pretty new set of dishes that could be casual or fancy. The only thing that makes me sad is that we weren't able to get the cream soup bowls for this set so I got some pretty turquoise ones insteadbut I LOVE a cream soup bowl for eating almost anything so I wish we had those. They are beautiful, classic, and a really nice size and weight.
  • Rectangular Wood Cutting Board: Nothing beats a nice wooden chopping block. I usually put a plastic one on top but I love having this guy as an anchor in my kitchen. Also it's a nice backdrop for photos!
  • Picardie Glass Tumblers: We actually ended up getting like 5 sets of glasses (oops!) but these are the ones I seem to use on the reg because they are standard and lovely! We also got these really pretty ones from Anthropologie and I'm just waiting till the day I host a brunch or summer dinner party and can use them for some colorful juice and sangria!
  • Cereal Bowls & Inside Out Nut Bowls: Because who doesn't want pretty colorful little bowls? I use the cereal bowls every morning for my hardboiled egg/blueberry breakfast and I use the nut bowls from almost everything I prep. They are just so pretty I love looking at them, and can't wait to add more to my collection.
  • Akilah Jacquard Dishtowel Set: Basically the most lovely towels, I actually adore letting them hand on every handle bar in my kitchen.