YogaClub August Challenge Day 4: Dancers Pose (Natarajasana)

Dancers Pose, Natarajasana in Sanskrit, asks us to face our fears through the challenges of back bending and balancing at the same time. To read a little more about the background of the pose head here.Benefits: Stretches abdomen, standing leg hamstring, bend leg quad. Strengthens standing leg quad and promotes spinal flexibility’s a back bend. Also, opens the bound shoulder.

How to: From standing (Mountain Pose, or Tadasana in Sanskrit) reach back with your right hand to catch the inside of your right foot. Bend your left knee for a bit of stability and to get a better hold of the right foot, then lean slightly forward with the left arm stretched out. As you find balance start to kick the right foot into your right hand so that you can create some tension for better balance.

To spice it up: If king pigeon is in your practice, option to reach back and grab the foot with both hands! WOW!

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