Fish Recipe Round Up - A Shift In Sustainable Cooking

Today I'm sharing my five favorite fish dinners that I've recently whipped up as a part of trying to eat more consciously. I mentioned in this post a while back that one of the big things we can each do to start reducing our carbon footprint is to eat less red meat. For me, that means I no longer make it at home. I still eat it out occasionally but I almost always try to opt for something else, chicken, turkey, fish, etc. I know there are a lot of debates and issues around sustainable fishing so I'm doing my best to understand that as well when I shop for the week. For a while, I was buying fish at Whole Foods but didn't feel comfortable about where it was coming from. So instead, I've used the Sea2Table service which is AMAZING and highly recommend and I've found a local fish market that just started selling retail. Their sustainability mission statementmakes me feel good about the choices I'm making over time I shop there Still more research to do but I think I'm making some good steps in the right direction!

So without further ado, my five favorite fish dinners to date:

  1. Pistachio Crusted Tilapia - with a special tip on how to nut crust your fish so easily!
  2. img_8812-1
  3. Blackened Halibut - an awesome made from scratch seasoning blend to keep on hand
  4. IMG_6184
  5. SeaToTable Pan Seared Salmon - with the most delicious pesto gnocchi
  6. almonds and asana tilapia salad
  7. Coconut Flour Tilapia - turned into a perfect taco salad
  8. IMG_3383
  9. Sea2Table Shrimp Jambalaya - with chicken & turkey andouille sausage