Beet Berry Bowl with Further Food Collagen Peptides

Alright so, like many of you I'm sure, I've been seeing these collagen peptides popping up EVERYWHERE. Not just in the store but all over social media so when Further Foods reached out to see if I was interested in their product I said yes right away. But then I remembered that I'm reducing my cow intake and since these come from cows I told them I didn't think it fit into my lifestyle. However, they said not a problem at all because they make MARINE collagen peptides which come from Organic Wild Alaskan Cod. AWESOME. They recently sent me a package to try and the first thing I did was add it to my smoothie bowl. I figured this was an easy, low-risk first try and sure enough it was. You can’t see, smell, or taste this simple white powder that can be added to basically anything but its intention is to give you a boost of this protein to aid in anti-aging (think skin, hair, nails), gut health, staying full and helping to rebuild your bones.

It's basically like a supplement but you don't have to consume it in pill form (which I'm terrible at) instead you just add a scoop or two of the powder to ANYTHING and voila.

This bowl was simple and similar to this one.

What I used:

I added everything to the blender, filled a small bowl and added my toppings for a filling well-rounded breakfast! 

If you want to give these peptides a try use my code ALMONDSANDASANA for 5% off of your order!

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almonds and asana blueberry beet bowl with collagen peptides
almonds and asana blueberry beet bowl with collagen peptides