Yoga Club Box: Fourth Box/Unboxing

yoga club box fourth unboxing

You know when something comes along that seems like it'll be cool but then it ends up exceeding all expectations? Well, that's how I feel about YogaClub Box. If you don't already know about it, it's a subscription athleisure wear business that has 3 different levels you can sign up for in order to review really awesome clothes every month for super discounted prices.

Here's how it works. You sign up for one of three boxes (1 item of clothing, 2 items, or 3), you fill out a style quiz (do you prefer pants, capris, shorts? colors, neutrals, patterns? will you wear these clothes to yoga, walking your dog, brunch with your friends?) and then a stylist puts together a box just for you. The price is the same each month but the clothes that come in it are varied since they have access to all of your favorite big brands, and some new ones you might not know about yet! Each item that comes has the original tag so you can see the retail price, and usually, the price you paid for the box with vs the retail value of everything inside is around 50/60% off. It's kinda cray.

But it get's better, IMHO anyway, not only is the process super duper easy if you don't like something you can easily exchange for no fee, PLUS if you change your mind and want to switch your style preferences around you can go in at any time and adjust them). Ok, but the reallllllly best part is that for every box that's delivered YogaCLub donates a yoga class to kids in underserved communities. Think about that for a second, every time you get a box some kids are getting a really valuable class. That alone for me makes it worth it, but on top of that, I've received some of the most delicious and fun outfits that I continually get compliments on.

It's really a super fun service and if you want to get in on it use code: Almonds20 for a 20% discount on your first box to try it out!! I'm telling you it's basically like Christmas once a month!