Tiesta Tea & Podcasting

This week on the podcast I co-host, Discover Your Inner Awesome, we sat down with Patrick Tannous of Tiesta Tea to talk about going into business with your closest friends & family.  The episode was a blast to record and touched home with me since both of my parents have been in business together and with their siblings and friends over the years. Mostly it's worked out well for them but in a few instances, it hasn't. One of the best parts about having Patrick on was that he brought us tons of awesome product to test out, and this super cool brewmaster!

I love tea but I honestly forget about it besides when I'm sick and I usually just buy tea bags and pop them in a mug with hot water. So this experience was a little different since this was loose leaf and I brewed it myself which not only resulted in way more flavor but made me feel really accomplished even though it took basically zero effort.

The tea I chose to try was part of their Immunity line, seeing as it's fall and the weathers changed big time I'm always on the hunt for ways to protect my immune system. And this fireside spice blend was the perfect spicy cup of tea for the cozy day I was having. The flavors were super rich and what I loved was that I could make it as strong or weak as I wanted, and since I like intense flavors I went the string route.

Thanks again to the folks over at Tiesta Tea for all of the samples, I'll be keeping warm through the winter with all these yummy flavors!