Trader Joe's Cauliflower Crust Pizza

A long time ago, before Almonds + Asana was a thing, I attempted making cauliflower crust. It was pre Whole30, and I ate a lot of cheese so let me just be clear, that was the main ingredient. It was like 50/50 cheese and cauliflower to make the crust, with more cheese on top. It sounds both delicious and slightly nauseating at this point. It's not to say that I don't eat cheese, I do. But I try to reserve it for more special meals, once or twice on the weekends, that sort of thing. I almost never cook with it or even have it in the house to tempt me. I've gotten so used to not adding it to salads that I really don't miss it at all. All of that is to say, I haven't tried cauli crust from scratch again because 1) it was sorta time-consuming and 2) it involved a lot of cheese which I'm not doing anymore. However, when I heard a while back TJ's was coming out with their own I obvi knew I had to try it. Unfortunately some logistical issues (ie them being sold out and then only being near a TJ's when I was hours away from being home to pop them in the freezer). Anyways I finally got my mitts on them, so I grabbed two. I wanted to be able to test a few kinds out but didn't want to drain them of their stock for others that wanted to try (trying to be a good Samaritan over here). Well that was about a month ago and I kept meaning to try and meaning to try and it never made its way onto my weekly menu. Until now that is, for lunch.

Not a whole lot for me to explain here in terms of "how to" because I just followed along with their exact directions, and all I put on it was a big drizzle of EVOO, fresh tomatoes, basil, and a sprinkle of sea salt. I served it up with a fresh little salad of spinach, more tomatoes, avocado, EVOO and lemon juice.

Overall I really liked the crust, however, it was a bit soft and I worry that sauce would make it really really soft. It's pretty thick so it holds up well, and the consistency is almost like polenta IMHO. It had a nice mellow flavor though and with a little bit of sauce, cheese, and other light toppings I think it would be super duper tasty. I want to try it again with pesto because I think that's the real winner.

Have you tried their Cauli pizza or any other brands? Would love to hear!