Lunging Sun A’s 

Lunging Sun A's are some of my absolute favorite parts of taking a class and teaching class. I usually add them in after a bit of warming up and stretching (integration) and before simple sun A's. You can keep them really simple, just lunging with each iteration or you can add things in like little twists, bent/straight leg stretches, side body reaches, backbends, etc. They help me get into a rhythm and give me stability and repetition. Check out the video below (which is sped up) to see what these look like. Also, note in the video I play with different variations of lowering all the way down and halfway down (chaturanga) and then the options for backbends such as locust pose, cobra pose, and upward facing dog. Pose/transition breakdown:

  1. Starting at the top of the mat
  2. Reach up breathe in
  3. Fold forward breathe out
  4. Halfway lift breathe in
  5. Step to high plank breathe out, then breathe in holding the plank
  6. Lower to the ground or chaturanga breathe out
  7. Backbend (cobra, up dog, locust) breathe in
  8. Down Dog breathe out
  9. step the right foot forward to a lunge breathe in
  10. step to the top of the mat breathe out
  11. half way lift breathe in
  12. fold breathe out
  13. rise up to stand breathe in
  14. fold breathe out
  15. half way lift breathe in
  16. step your right foot back to a lunge breathe out
  17. reach your arms up breathe in
  18. step to plank breathe out, stay for the breathe in
  19. lower down breathe out
  20. Backbend (cobra, up dog, locust) breathe in
  21. down dog breathe out
  22. REPEAT