Self Care Yoga Pose: Supported Supta Baddha Konsanasa

If you ever take a class with me, that is alongside me s a student, you'll most likely see my grab two blocks and start the class out laying on my back in a supported supta baddha. For me, this is like my ultimate comfort pose. I don't know what it is about being open and exposed that simultaneously makes me feel grounded and safe, but it is truly one of my favorite positions to put my body into. Often as a teach I have my students start out this way, and I'' remind them that this is technically a backband with all of their vital organs totally exposed without protection so it is natural for your body to increase the heart rate and quicken the breath, but instead of allowing that to become a feeling of stress, embrace it as a jolt of energy. Your body is preparing you for what is to come and for me this is such a beautifully comforting and amazing thing that my body does without me even asking it to!

So with that, today for the #BeThineValentine challenge of posting a favorite yoga post that is ALL FOR ME, I am showing you this luscious supported heart opener.

How To:

  • Use two blocks at the back of your mat set up like a T.
  • The long one will go between your shoulder blades down your spine, but make sure it's behind your upper spine not low or middle back.
  • The second block will support your head.
  • Then draw the soles of your feet together and your knees out wide
  • My favorite is to reach my arms overhead as you see below or to cactus my arms out with elbows at shoulder height for more shoulder opening
  • You could also use a bolster


PS for more on this outfit check out this post!