Break Sweat Not Goals with Sweat Working App

We're just about halfway through February and believe it or not this is generally the time that those new years resolutions to hit the gym or stick to a fitness routine start to fade. This year I'm teaming up with an amazing local Chicago business that's expanding to reach users EVERYWHERE through their on demand workout video app - SweatWorking. Basically, they've found all of the best trainers, teachers, and coaches around Chicago for everything from HIIT to Yoga and they're producing classes for you to take on your own time whereve it suits you.

For me, this has been super handy becuase I've been traveling a ton and with a hectic schedule lately I've had a hard time making it into classes but I still need to move and flow. The best part is, my mentor and favorite yoga teacher in Chicago (Ali Brashler) is one of the featured teachers on the app so I get to take her class whenever I'm needing a dose of her.

In fact, earlier today I had 30 minutes after teaching a class to  move so I opened up the App, found her 30 minute power flow, and hit play. The rest was history as you can see below!

The really cool part about the app is that EVERYONE gets a 14 day free trial so you can test it out and even join in on their 30 day challenge to keep you active and engaged in fitness even through this time that can often result in breaking with your goals as opposed to breaking a sweat plus you'll be eligible to win some amazing prizes!