Veggie Grill Collaboration


A little late but I am finally recapping this delicious vegan food tasting with Veggie Grill!

A few week's ago the team over at Zapwater reached out about collaborating on an event promoting the new arrival of Veggie Grill in Chicago and asked if I would host a yoga class at the begining of the event to kick off a night of community and wellness.

More about Veggie Grill:

If you don't know about them, Veggie Grill is a fast casual restaurant chain, headquartered in LA that specializes in super delicious veggie forward, plant based dishes. They serve all of the normal stuff you expect from fast casual like burgers, tacos, salads etc but their twist is that despite being really yummy, it's totally vegan. That's right, 100% plant based.

More about this Event & the Food:

The event kicked off with a 45 minute yoga class for a bunch of Chicago influencers in a beautiful loft space called DL Loft. It was cozy and warm, full of glowing lights and pretty white furniture.

Next we heard a bit more about the company and sampled a delicious green juice while we patiently waited for dinner to be served.

Finally, the main event: a smorgesborg of plant based options.

  1. Quinoa Power Salad
  2. Mushroom & Tofu lettuce wraps
  3. Chickin' Wings
  4. Two tyes of Beyond Burgers
  5. Chickin' Burittos
  6. Desserts Galore! The Vegan Carrot Cake was one of the best Carrot Cakes I've ever had

They have one location open in Lakeview with another coming to the loop soon and I've even heard that West Loop is happening later this year... YASSSSSS. See all the deliciousness below: