Highs & Lows: 04/13/18

almonds and asana soho house headstand.jpg



  1. My parents coming in town: my parents came in town from Southern California this past week from Saturday to Wednesday and it was so fun to have them here. They even got to experience a bit of April snow! We ate our way through the west loop as always hitting up Lou Malnatis, Cruz Blanca, and Beatrix for dessert. Plus a trip to Rosebud on Taylor for italian and Small Cheval for burgers. All in all it was nice to have house guests and I can't wait to see them again soon when I head to LA in a week!
  2. A productive Wednesday: It was just one of those days where I checked a lot of boxes off. I'm currently feeling overwhelmed with my to-do list and like I need to take time to set an agenda and strategy but it's hard in the craziness of life. Anyways felt good to get that done.
  3. A blogger event with my friend Emilia: I attended a last minute panel event at Ace Hotel hosted by Go Forth Chicago Podcast and it was all abiout transparency and finances specifically for creatives, bloggers, entreprenuers etc. It was really informative and got me both excited and anxious about everything I want to accomplish.


  1. More Construction: as always there's something happened. This week it was a bit of dry walling and painting and sadly there is more of that to come. Ugh the smells!
  2. Taxes: OMG we have put these off for soooo long, officially getting them done this weekend but just prepping is a serious low.
  3. Getting Subs for classes: Ok I'm stretching a bit here cause honestly i Had a really nice week but right now I'm trying to find subs for yoga classes for when I'm out of town in LA in a week and sometimes it's really tricky and leaves me feeling really guilty about my last minute schedule changes. But at the end of the day, I chose this new career and lifestyle so that I could have more flexibility so trying to keep that in mind.

Best Thing I Ate:

The Feast at Soho House. We used to go to the Sunday brunch there with more regularity but let me tell you it is a doozy. We havent been in a while so decieded that we would blow it out on a chilly sunday with my parents here, sharing a scrumptious meal with both sets of in-laws!

Weekend Plans: 

We have some fun weekend plans that I actually can't share until post weekend!! But in addition to that, I've got a baby shower celebrating one of my husband's cousins who is also a momma-to-be (he has 50 first cousins so there are always lots of family celebrations which I love), and generally trying to eat a little bit healthy as this weekend is sandwiched between my parents foodie feast in Chicago and heading out to Southern California next weekend where I'll be hitting up all of my favorite spots - fish tacos anyone?