Highs & Lows: 05/04/18

almonds and asana meal prep.jpg


  1. Seeing baby! we had our 20 week ultrasound on wednesday and little man is right on track with all his part’s looking A-Ok. phew! A few pics below, despite his squirmy worm tendencies we were able to capture all the anatomy pics (and confirm his gender again LOL) in just about an hour.
  2. Warm weather! FINALLY. we have had the longest winter and chilliest spring here in Chicago but this week we finally hit the 70s on multiple occasions and it reminds you again what a wonderful city it truly is. 
  3. Booking our trip to TX in May! We are heading a friends wedding in Dallas over MDW but we are taking a couple days before to stop in Austin and Waco (hello silos!) and we finally locked a few things in which made this planner very happy.

Lows: Truthfully there weren't many and I'm grateful for that

  1. SI joint pain. hellllllo low back pain caused by pregnancy. yikes. the good news is it was only excruciating for a couple days and I’ve since seemed the appropriate medical advice (chiro, PT, dr) and I think I know what needs to be done. I’ll share more on that once more progress is made for you peeps out there who have suffered from this pain.

Best thing I ate:

My newest rendition of Frank's Spaghetti Limone  - coming to the blog soon!

Weekend plans:

More work on the house, so we are home this weekend doing that. And working on making some videos for the pregnancy fitness app I am creating with Heather! to see more and sign up for more info head here!