Highs & Lows: 05/25/18

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  1. Hosting A Baby Shower: I'll do a full recap shortly but the shower went swimmingly. I was in charge of the food and that was all super delish although of course, we had lots of leftovers!
  2. Getting Our West Elm Outdoor Serveware: See this post for everything I ordered, will be sharing pics soon! Bring on Summa time!
  3. Hitting a LikeToKnow.It Milestone: It's been a fun exercise in being able to more easily share my favorite items with you guys so I am really happy to see that so many of you are actually taking action and buying some of these pieces!!


  1. Acne: I mentioned in some stories on IG this week that the skin on my face has been yucky since going off of BC and it's just continued. Not sure if it's hormones or what but hoping it goes away once the baby comes (fingers crossed). A few people suggested facials so I think I'm gonna get my first one ever in June - wish me luck!
  2. Crazy Pregnancy Dreams: Ugh these have been terrifying. From nightmares that I develop black gash-like stretch marks all over to these really sad ones about my mom and me having a terrible relationship, it's just bizarre! Especially because my mom is my best friend and we have a wonderful relationship - what in the world is that all about?? Some motherhood thing? On the flip side, I have woken up TWICE in the past week hysterically laughing in my dream so I guess there are some good ones too.

Best thing I ate:

Impromptu pizza at Nella Pizzeria. This place was the first place my husband and I ever went on a real date back in August of 2012 and although they have recently moved locations (way down in Hyde Park) we often make the trek because the food is really good and the space they have taken over is AWESOME. I was going to make dinner Sunday night but at the last minute we said F-it and got pizza and salad. Also, I don't know what they put on their arugula but that is my husband's favorite salad and it's so simple but I always feel happy he got in the extra greens LOL

Weekend plans:

We're headed to Texas Y'all! As some of you know, I went to college in Dallas and stayed there for an additional 6 months during my first job with Pepsi, so that town holds a very special place in my heart. This weekend we have a friends wedding there on Sunday so we decided to extend the trip over the long weekend, adding on a half day/night in Austin to sneak in some yummy food, and a day trip to Waco because HELLO Gaines! I have mapped it out a little but if anyone has suggestions on how to navigate the craziness that I am sure is the Silo's please let me know!

Meals in Austin: 

  • Lunch Friday: Fresas for tacos and queso
  • Dinner Friday: The Salt Lick (because it's iconic, I haven't been in years, and hubs has never been)

Dallas Plans:

Saturday night we have a welcome party at Hotel Zaza then Sunday hoping to meet up with some college friends for brunch (fingers crossed I get in more queso) and a day around Dallas before getting ready for the big evening! It hasn't been easy to find a dress but I finally got one on Asos that I LOVE. It isn't maternity but I went up 2 sizes and it seems to fit. Monday we head home early with hopes of good weather so we can join out Chicago fam at the lake house for the inaugural summer kick-off! 

What are you guys up to this weekend?? PS Taking Monday off from the blog so check back on Tuesday for a new recipe!

This Week's Photo Round-Up:

A few pics of the shower, the best thing I ate (pizza), and a few yummy meals I made throughout the week!