Taking Care of Your Body: Pregnancy & Beyond with Palmers


My Background with Palmers - Diary of a Loyalist:

For years I have been about as LOYAL as one can possibly be to the cocoa butter products made by Palmers. Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I carry around a swivel stick in every purse, and there's always one on my bedside nightstand (because when I wake up in the middle of the night I can't fall back to sleep without a sip of water and a swipe of my Palmers chapstick). It's the ultimate chapstick and I would DIE if they went away!! Plus I love that the cocoa butter lotion comes in perfect travel size containers, I mean for a girl on the go that's pretty essential for your daily body moisturizer. So when the lovely folks at Palmers reached out to partner up I was eager to jump on board with a brand I feel so confident in.

My Changing Pregnancy Body:

When it came time to work in a new skincare routine for my changing bod and growing belly I had some recommendations from family & friends, which I stocked up on but didn't love the smells of. So I decided to test out my tried and true friends over at Palmers for this new phase of life too. I'm on my second bottle and there are a few things I love about it:

  1. The Price - compared to some of the really expensive tonics and elixirs out there you can't beat it.
  2. The Smell - again pregnancy brings on a whole new sensory world and smells can be life or death. So the fact that the very natural, lightly sweet smell agrees with my nose is HUGE.
  3. The Consistency - of course, it's oily because it's oil, but I love that it does sink into my skin so that after a little while it's no longer oily on top of my skin but it's smooth and deeply moisturized.

Our Skin Is Our Largest Organ:

I think taking care of ourselves is becoming such an amazingly current topic that people are interested in from all angles. The two biggest areas of focus over the last handful of years have certainly been around organic foods and mental health (hello headspace app!). But in the more recent months, I have noticed a ton of dialog, and rightfully so, around the importance of what we put ON our bodies, not just IN our bodies. As they say, our skin is our largest organ, and we absorb so much through our pores that to lather on anything other than high-quality ingredients is completely akin to the same concept with your food. I'm happy to say that I have really found a skin care company that has worked really well for this growing body so far. Now let's hope I also have some really good skin genes and that I can avoid those stretch marks!! But if not, then I'll be working on a bit more self love :-)

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