SI Joint Pain - Releases & Exercises


I've mentioned on here in a few of my round-ups that I was really struggling with SI joint pain during the past few weeks of this pregnancy. I'd heard from other women that they'd also experienced it during pregnancy, but most of them said it was only short lived (4-8 weeks) or it at least ended once the pregnancy was over and they'd given birth. So fingers crossed I get that lucky!

SI Joint Pain Solutions:

In the meantime, I have gone to physical therapy and learned a few releases and strengthening exercises that I try to do every single morning. They are essentially my prerequisite to working out, they get my quads, glutes, and hip flexors released, and then activated so that I can use the strength of my pelvic floor muscles and the muscles surrounding my hips to keep my SI joint safe and stable while exercising.

Today I wanted to show you guys that routine, so I took a video of myself doing it and then added commentary so you can follow along if you too need these exercises. SI joint issues are NOT exclusively for pregnant women, they can happen to anyone!! So take a look below at the attached YouTube video and let me know what you think!

Releases & Exercises to support the SI Joint. If you have SI joint pain, these activities to release muscle tension, activate your deep core, and your hip muscles is a great pre-workout routine for safely exercising.

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