Highs & Lows: 06/22/18

better life cleaning.jpg


  1. Feeling More Kicks: After one recent week where he had shifted and was really kicking less or just more internally he is back to making my belly poke out and even though it can be alarming, it's honestly relieving.
  2. Getting the Stairs Done: We are SO CLOSE. One more day or so they say. We had our second set of stairs ripped out and they are being replaced which just means a massive mess for a few days but I have plenty of time to put on my gloves and clean next week. 
  3. Visiting Spenga Evanston: It was fun to take a real class again, although my SI joint made me pay for it the next day. But I got to see the new space, sweat, and feel a little strong!


  1. Braxton Hicks: Freaking me out a little so the doctor is having me come in a little early, today instead of next Thursday for my 28-week visit. Hope everything is fine!
  2. Skin Tag: OK so freaking weight. I had one in my armpit that was tiny but weirdly in pregnancy started to grow to the point of terrible pain. I made an appointment after confirming with my OBGYN that it was ok to get it removed. And gosh darn it would you know the day of the appointment it shrank and fell off on its own/. Pregnancy is WEIRD man.
  3. Anxiety: This has been getting the best of me lately although the last couple days have been better. I've always been anxious and have suffered one real anxiety attack in which I thought I was having a heart attack and actually went to the ER. Anyways hormones make that stuff kind of intense so working through it best I can.

Best thing I ate:

Rooftop dins alfresco with homemade greek orzo salad, turkey sausage, shrimp kebabs, and grilled veggies. Simple but OH SO GOOD.

Weekend plans:

NO plans at all which is nice! We have had a busy few weekends so this one is all about hanging out and relaxing and hopefully making it up to my husband's family's lake house. My family comes to town next weekend for 5 days over my baby shower & the 4th of July so we have a bit of prep to do which we will hopefully also get in this weekend. OH and I will be cleaning, like the photo above shows using all of my favorite cleaning products - shop below!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: