California Baby Drip


The Backstory:

When you’re from the West Coast but live in Chicago it makes it tough for situations like baby showers. With tons of family & friends here in the midwest, but still lots in California we were torn about potentially doing two showers, but ultimately it felt like a bit much.

What we decided on was this: a real shower in Chicago in July which my grandma, mom, and sister-in-law from LA would head out to, and a “drip” in California with a small group of family & friends and my BEST FRIEND who now lives in San Francisco and is due 3 days before me!

After I was out in LA/Laguna for a few days for our big family dinner, my mom and I took an early morning flight up to the bay area on Monday morning and met up with my aunt (my mom's sister) for a little morning of them running down memory lane. It included stops by the houses they grew up in, their high school, the pancake house they used to go to as a treat, and their old city haunts. We then met up with Clara (my bestie) in the city and headed out to the East Bay for our Drip Dinner. There were nine of us in total and we noshed on the most delicious Italian meal and wrapped it all up with a little gift giving (or in our case, receiving!)

What is a Baby Drip?:

BTW if you are confused on why I am calling it a drip, it was my mom’s doing. She said, it's not a shower, it's not a sprinkle, it's a drip - and it stuck!

What We Ate:

OK, so the food - we ate at Mangia Mi, a really cute Italian restaurant next to my mom & aunt’s shoe store (Tootsies) in Danville CA. We decided on a family style menu beforehand which included:

  • Chopped Salad
  • Caprese Salad
  • Asparagus Truffle Risotto
  • Crab Ravioli
  • Stuffed Peppers
  • Sautéed Broccolini
  • Warm Olive Oil Cake

It was all so insanely delicious and I will seriously be dreaming about that olive oil cake for a long time to come.

After that, we opened up pressies and seriously I got some amazing stuff. A few things from my registry and a few unexpected items! See below for some of the stuff I got that I can’t wait to use on Baby Ford plus our Drip outfits from the header photo (you can also shop directly from my LiketoKnow.It Page)