Highs & Lows: 06/15/18



  1. Gestational Diabetes: After the slowest most monotone call from a nurse I finally found out I DO NOT have gestational diabetes. Phew! In all honesty, having talked to friends and other gals who did have it I wasn't nearly as scared of actually having it as I was of the crappy 3 hour test (see lows). But, especially in pregnancy just like other parts of life, the unknown is scary and when those hormones are flying the intensity is only stronger!
  2. Our Appl Launch!!!: Excited to share more information on the pregnancy fitness app I co-created - read more here!
  3. My First Facial: A while back I shared on IG that my skin has been a real mess since going off of birth control and since being pregnant. A ton of people responded with suggestions so I took one and booked it. I have never had a facial in my life and was hesitant to spend the money on such a luxury but I felt it was really worth it to get some answers about my skin. The good news is she said I've got the good skin (dry and small pours) so the issues I'm having are likely just hormonal and should go away post pregnancy. She suggested that for my skin type I use a water-based serum instead of oils or lotion so I got a bottle of one she suggested and will add it to my pretty simple regimen!
  4. Deck Cushions: They finally arrived!!! We finished off our roof deck a couple of weeks ago but all of the cushions for the built in's arrived this week and it is so exciting to have that as usable space now! Pics below!


  1. Gestational Diabetes 3 Hour Test: Last Thursday I had the standard 1-hour gestational diabetes glucose test which just requires you to drink a sugary drink, then not eat or drink for an hour before they take your blood. Unfortunately, I failed that test by 1 point and had to take the 3-hour follow up test on Monday. That one starts with a 12 hour fast, followed by a blood drawing for your baseline, then you drink an even more sugary glucose drink and get a drawing every hour for 3 hours still without food or drink. I mean whoever designed this test to starve a pregnant woman for 15 hours had obviously never been a pregnant woman. The worst part was that the night before I got a crick in my neck that was giving me a terrible headache on top of it all. 
  2. Anthony Bourdain Passing Away: This was obviously a sad one for a lot of people. It was a strong reminder that so many people, even when it isn't obvious or when it seems like they have all the resources in the world, suffer from illnesses that we have yet to cure or properly remedy. Check out my post here.

Best thing I ate:

Finally tried Trader Joe's Ricotta and Lemon Zest Raviolli's - OMG. I just drizzled them with olive oil, a pinch of salt, and a squeeze of lemon and they were sooo good. Served them up alongside some sauteed turkey sausage with collard greens, talk about an easy healthy dinner for 1!

Weekend plans:

We were going to be heading out of town this weekend but with my husband's insane work travel schedule and some more renovations happening early next week we sadly just couldn't swing it. It was probably going to be my last trip anywhere but who knows! Hub's gets home very late Friday night, but this weekend is A Taste Of Randolph which is a massive street festival RIGHT below our condo. We'll definitely be getting some yummy food there throughout the weekend and we do have a friend's birthday that we will swing by on Saturday. Otherwise just prepping for a busy week ahead!

This Week's Photo Round-Up:

Highs of the app launch & our cushions, Lows the terrible GD test drink, yummy food, bump pics, healthy salads, and a hilarious pic of my husband when he was little which is exactly what I think Ford will look like!