Highs & Lows: 08/17/18

nella pizza


  1. A New Car: We knew it was coming but it snuck up a little faster than originally planned. Our Infiniti lease was supposed to go through early December at which time we thought we would make the switch to the Volvo XC90 but all of a sudden Infiniti came back with a great deal on leasing a 2018 QX60 and here we are. Pics below for the murdered out rims LOL
  2. Maternity Photos: Got them back and COULD NOT BE MORE OBSESSED. I'm sharing a couple below but will slowly be trickling them into my feed soon!
  3. UltraSound: Despite having to do this due to a scare (see below) it was fun to get to see him again! It had been 14 weeks and we got a much better view of his face this time. Apparently, he was measuring about 5 days ahead of schedule but WHO knows. Also, they say he has hair!


  1. Sunday Night in the Hospital: So this was an experience. I went to bed on Sunday night around 10 pm only to wake up at 2 am in a lot of discomfort. Basically, like horrible period cramps. I couldn't fall back to sleep so by 3:30 my husband suggested that I call the Dr on call. She, of course, said to come into triage to get checked out. Once we got there they confirmed that my cervix was not dilated which was good but wanted to keep me for 2 hours to monitor what I was feeling & the baby. All was good with the baby but I was experiencing contractions that they were registering at first as every 3-4 minutes, then every 7-8. Again 2 hours later they checked my cervix and it was still closed great news. They decided to put me on some fluid IV's for hydration purposes and then check me one more time by the Dr in 2 more hours. After she confirmed around 8 am that my cervix was still closed she said this can happen to some women for weeks ahead of time. Take it easy, come back for an appointment/check up the next day and an ultrasound (see in the highs) and as long as it doesn't get worse just take it easy. It was definitely a little scare that kicked us into gear to get some things done (boxes are getting checked like crazy over here!) and we canceled our impending hospital tour. LOL, we did have some funny encounters like the screaming woman in the waiting room who I think had a baby hanging out of her. Oh and the fact that the 5-hour span we were there was while they were doing a move of Triage from the 1st floor to the 9th so that was a little bit of a cluster. All in all, we had a great experience with amazing nurses and a great doctor which made us feel like we were in good hands. Oh, and my husband learned the valuable lesson that hospitals are cold so dress warm!!
  2. An unofficial diagnoses that my husband should be eating GF & DF: Outside of those EverlyWell Tests we took he has decided he thinks he is allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs so basically we are about to eat NOTHING. I did however prep a ton of smoothies for him for the next 7 days as breakfast because what else should he eat???
  3. More feelings of what kind of career/motherhood I want: I know I can't have it figured out now, and my husband keeps encouraging me not to even think about it now, but it's hard not to when you're in the throws of the third trimester. 

Best thing I ate: 


Dinner at Ronero - TBH I was kind of blown away by the food. It's a pricier spot and not like a casual go-to dinner joint but the food was insanely delicious and came out SO fast.

Dinner at Nella Pizza E Pasta - our go-to order is the special pasta which seems to always be on the menu, pesto & shrimp plus the capricciosa pizza. Perfection.

Weekend plans:

Not totally sure but likely more baby stuff! We got a ton done last weekend from moving out the furniture in the guest room turned nursery, to setting up his crib, rolling out his rug, getting his glider, ordering his dresser and generally starting to sort through all of the little things that need to be cleaned and organized for his impending arrival!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Teaser Maternity photos, hospital pics, nursery pics, new car, favorite meals, smoothie prep, & organizing of cabinets to accommodate baby gear