Highs & Lows: 09/14/18

fords room rocker


  1. Family in Town: On Tuesday my husband’s brother and his wife and 5 month old baby arrived in chicago for an extended visit! They have been living in Australia for 4 years so we haven’t seen them in about a year and it was our first time meeting our niece - we got to see them Tuesday night and hopefully will have a bit more time with them next week. She’s such a cutie and it’s fun to see how interactive they are just 5 months in

  2. Best Friend’s Baby: My best friend had her baby!! Back in January when she found out she was pregnant she told me immediately. Two weeks later I got to send her a similar text. We had due dates 13 days apart and her little lady decided to show up just one day late (on my mom’s birthday no less!) and I am so freaking excited for her. Little Lucy is a doll and was a huge baby which is so far proving helpful in the sleeping & eating category - fingers crossed her boyfriend Ford is similarly prompt on arrival and a good little guy once he makes his debut as well!

  3. 39 Week Apt: Well it was obviously a high just because it’s nice to meet with the Dr and hear his heartbeat but it was a little lukewarm, only because they were running about 90 minutes late and the news was basically the same as the last two weeks: he is super low (“you’re probably feeling A LOT of pressure” they keep saying), I’m about 50% effaced and not dilated at all. She did get to feel my stomach while I was having a contraction (which seem like they just happen all day every day lately, but are totally not painful so I know that they aren’t the real deal). She also did a good feel of the belly and said she doesn’t think he is huge that her guess is about 7 and half lbs which is exactly what I’ve said all along. Next week, we have an appointment and an ultrasound scheduled for my due date (Thursday 9/20) if he hasn’t arrived yet. At that point they would give me the option to schedule an induction but would let me go until 41 weeks on my own if I want and then they would have me plan one. Only time will tell!


  1. Cramping & Carpel Tunnel: These are the two major discomforts I have right now. The good news is that someone suggested using magnesium oil on my feet before bed to help me sleep better despite those two things and I think it has really helped! Here is the one I am using (and so is my hubs, he says it makes him feel like he is floating on clouds before bed LOL).

  2. Not sleeping well: All things considered it could be way worse and I’m sure it will be worse when he arrives (ha!) but it’s frustrating. Like I said the magnesium has helped a lot, but it takes me a while to fall asleep, I’m up 3-4 times throughout the night for the bathroom, and then by 5:30 or 6 my mind is alert and racing about all kinds of stuff. I get tired in the afternoon but I’m a terrible napper so that still hasn't happened. Anyways, par for the course I think!

Best thing I ate: 

I ate a lot of good things this week, both at home and out. We made salmon twice (main photo!) which made me feel good, and I had pizza/burgers/tacos while eating out and I didn't feel amazing about those choices for myself in terms of the fact that I'm gonna be the one working it off after the fact, but they were really freaking tasty so.... #balance.

Weekend plans:

My husband’s family is headed to a family wedding that we aren’t going to make it too (seems risky to drive multiple hours to another state in the event I suddenly did go into labor!) so it will probably be a quiet weekend here just enjoying our last bit of time just the two of us before my parents come into town next Monday night. It’s supposed to also be lovely weather so maybe finally logging some pool time as well!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: A bunch of homemade meals, trying my first ever matcha latte (omg yuck!!! I’m sorry I am so confused on what people like about this drink??), me being tired on the couch attempting to nap and failing, my magnesium oil, and 39 week bump picture!

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