Winter Activities For Kiddos: Goldfish Swim School

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Goldfish Swim School

I grew up in California, which meant outdoor activities were an option all year round. However, now that I’m raising a kiddo in the Midwest I’m learning about indoor activities to keep us entertained through the colder months.

Whether you’re a SAHM with little ones or just looking for good after school activities for older kids, Swim Classes are such a great option. We started our partnership with Gold Fish Swim School a couple of months ago when it was toasty outside but as we have already seen a few cool, rainy fall days I can already tell it’s going to be such a nice treat to keep up despite the weather outside. The pool & facilities are nice and warm, the skills Ford is learning are so valuable, and it’s a great way to introduce fun exercise into his routine (plus ware him out!!).

So far Ford has become much more comfortable with the water, we’ve met really nice new mom/baby friends, AND he’s learned how to handle having his whole head dunked in the water. Plus here are a few interesting facts about swimming you might not know:

  • Swimming not only improves physical ability, but the Goldfish curriculum of the Science of SwimPlay(R) incorporates a play based approach that includes cognitive skill building.

  • Swim lessons help develop important fine and gross motor skills and provide a whole body form of exercise to improve overall coordination.

  • Swimming is good for brain health! The bilateral cross-patterning movement of swimming helps cognition, ease of learning and overall academic performance.

Other activities we are looking into this fall/winter:

  • music classes

  • story time

  • visits to the library

  • indoor play structures