8 Easy Ways to Eat More Sustainably: #1 Reduce Red Meat Consumption

About a month ago I watched Leonardo Di Caprio’s film Before the Flood on climate change and was struck by one thing in particular: if we all just consumed less beef we could make a huge impact on the world. I took a pledge that day to do my best to cut back. I’m happy to report that I haven’t cooked red meat at home since (with the exception of a corned beef at st pats!) and I have been much more conscious about limiting my consumption of beef when I have other options at restaurants.

A friend recently shared this article (a MUST READ) which sums it up so well and explains how doable this can be. My favorite part is at the end when they make this really important note about how attainable this can be for everyday red meat eating folks like me:

"What we're trying to do is shift consumers towards eating more sustainable food, but we're not advocating for a no-meat diet," explains Vennard. "We're saying, 'Let's moderate.' "

To add on to some great recommendations in this article, I’ve decided to share some ways I’ve shifted my eating habits since doing Whole30 & becoming more focused on eating sustainably:

  1. Instead of Ground Beef, opt for ground turkey thigh - the darker meat has a little extra fat and flavor which makes it a great substitute in burgers, meatballs, tacos, meatloaf, bolognese, chili, etc
  2. Instead of cow milk in your coffee or cereal, choose a nut milk like my easy homemade Almond Milk
  3. Instead of cheese as a snack try avocado with lemon & a pinch of salt
  4. Instead of beef stew or shredded beef tacos/burritos, try carnitas (especially this already cooked one from Trader Joe's)
  5. This summer, instead of grilling steak choose salmon, turkey sausage, or chicken breasts
  6. Remember eggs last for 3-5 weeks, don't throw them out too soon. Same thing for root veggies like potatoes and squash.
  7. Choose to buy food from sustainable companies that keep the environment in mind in their processes - like Sea2Table!
  8. Also intersting one I've learned from accidentally leaving them in the fridge forgotten, apples seem to last 6-8 weeks when kept cold

Header Image from NPR.org