Meal Prep: 6 Things to Prep for your Week

almonds and asana meal prep

Meal Prep is one of those terms that floats around the health and fitness social media scene in the form of hash tags and captions to basically describe being efficient AF with your cooking time. For me, meal prep happens on Sundays or Mondays and it includes prepping most of my breakfast, lunch, and even some dinner items for the week. I basically put in the work up front so that future me has a really nice week. Seriously future me looks back at Sunday/Monday me ALL the time with a very appreciative smile when I realize later in the week that I already have my veggies prepped.

The other great part about meal prep is that it allows you to be more mindful about using up everything you buy at the store and using bits of one meal or recipe in another.

Here are a few of the things I try to get prepped almost every week, if not these exact items then something very close. But I'm a creature of habit so you can almost bet it's these exact items:

  1. Hardboiled Eggs: I make 8-10 depending on my week, I eat 2 every morning for breakfast with a handful of blueberries
  2. Almond Milk: Because when you are an espresso addict who cut out half&half, thisis essential to living
  3. Roasted Butternut Squash: my most recent obsession. I usually peel & dice a whole squash then roast at 400 degrees for 30-45 minutes in olive oil & salt. Perfect for lunch, dinner, or a snack.
  4. Chicken Thighs: Usually in the slow cooker in some sort of sauce I won't mind eating all week like Trader Joe's Salsa Verde  Or simply with tomatoes, capers and white wine. This is my go-to lunch protein because its perfect on its own or over a salad
  5. Diced Potatoes: I usually prep these if I know I need extra carbs for lunch that week or if I am making them on Monday night with dinner. But at least once a week we eat diced roasted potatoes with dinner, simply dressed in olive oil, salt & pepper, and roasted at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. They also last well in the fridge for snacks and lunch.
  6. Other Veggies: If you buy broccoli crowns, cauliflower crowns, kale, bell peppers, asparagus, brussels sprouts, you name it, almost all veggies can be cut up at the begging of the week and stored in containers in your fridge until you're ready to use them. This saves a ton of time each night, plus it forces you to eat everything you bought because HELLO you already did all the work!!

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