Ways to Get Involved: Part 3 - Make Your Voice Heard

As I mentioned in the first two parts (here & here) of Ways to Get Involved, becoming more of an activist is a big deal for me. Learning to fight for what I believe in and not just gripe about it to family & friends is key to actually making a difference. Making your voice heard is so imperative to making a difference. Do not discount your voice for being too small or pointless, if we all took that approach there would be silence. Make your voice heard. Be in touch with your representatives, or at the least stay updated on what they are doing. This is hard but there are so many apps making this easier:

  • Countable - Download the app & sign up with a few easy clicks to be able to read about upcoming bills with bi-partisan descriptions, see other citizens reviews & comments, and then track how your representatives vote.
  • Daily Action - Simply text DAILY to 228466 and you will receive a daily text with a simple action. Usually it is calling a representative to leave a specific message. They even send you an attachment that links you directly to the phone number for your representatives office.
  • ResistBot: Once you text RESIST to 504-09 this nifty bot will also ask for your zip code and how you would like to sign your letters and then it sends letters on your behalf to your representatives. All you have to do is send a text of what you want in the letter and Boom! Done!

Header Image from http://cdn.govexec.com