My Favorite On the Go Snacks

My favorite snacks are constantly changing but right now these are my go-to's. Nothing too fancy here, just good snacks that you can keep on hand at any time. What are your favorite snacks? Would love to hear - leave a comment!

  1. LiveLovePop Popcorn in a million amazing flavors! I am totally a salty snack kind of girl so this is right up my alley. Sometimes I just need a little crunchy salty guilt-free treat and this is the perfect solution. I can pour a little bowl while at home working on my computer or toss into a small container to take on the go. These are Gluten Free, Whole Grain, and only 35 calories per cup!!
  2. Hardboiled eggs. Yes, I eat these for breakfast usually but they are a great snack as well when I am in a pickle and need a quick bit of protein.
  3. RXBars. I love these! I always have 1 or 2 in my purse at any time because they are a lifesaver. They are dense and delicious and contain just a few simple ingredients. My favorite flavors are Maple Sea Salt and Peanut Butter. These are also perfect when you are traveling. I bought a bunch with us when we were in South East Asia and they were so handy when those random jet lag cravings set in at odd times.
  4. An Avocado. I know this is simple but when my body needs a filling snack and some good fats I look no further than an avocado with a  big squeeze of lemon and a little sprinkle of salt. Perfection.
  5. Epic Chicken Bites. These are another really nice protein option, they are sweet and savory (I buy the current & sesame bbq flavor). The best part is that they are a stellar company with core values around their ingredients and humane treatment of animals. Check them out!
  6. Peanut Butter Dates. I mean these feel so decadent that they are more of a dessert than just a snack but I usually eat them as a post-dinner snack or sometimes a late afternoon pick me up with a sweet craving kicks in. You can swap out any nut butter for the filling and really one of these or even half of a date with nut butter is plenty!