Some Exciting News: I'm co-hosting a podcast!

  How fun is this??? OK so here are the details....the podcast has been around for about two years and was previously co-hosted by my friend Raj & his business partner Martin. Martin has decided to move on from the podcast and Raj tapped me for the co-host chair. The series is called Discover Your Inner Awesome and the general premise each episode is that we invite a guest, usually an entrepreneur, or someone in a creative industry, to discuss one topic with us creating a totally unplanned organic conversation centered around an underlying question. There are 6 prior seasons if you're looking to binge and my first episode aired this past Monday, it's my intro! Check it out and follow the podcast to hear the rest of the season.

I'm really excited to join because I think it fits so well with my mission of action. Being more active means being engaged. Stepping out of my comfort zone to talk to new people about important issues and hurdles in a very vulnerable and open setting is thrilling and slightly terrifying and it will all be caught on tape. I really think you'll love the topics and guests, and hopefully the hosts! Check it out at or search for it on iTunes Podcast. Also be sure to  follow us on Instagram @DYIAwesome. Cant wait to hear some feedback!! First order of business will be to work on my "ummms" & "likes" :-)