Dinner of Leftovers: Pesto Turkey Sausage & Brussels Sprouts with Roasted Potatoes

This hodgepodge dinner of Pesto Turkey Sausage & Brussels with Roasted Potatoes was a really on the fly kind of dinner but turned out unexpectedly relish and I don't even know if I could recreate it. Wednesday night's I don't get home until really late and for a while I was on a bad kick of ordering food on my way home, but lately I've been trying to keep that night as my using up leftovers opportunity - it's become this weird obsession with challenging myself to get creative.

So I remembered that I had leftover frozen cut up turkey sausage from this dinner, along with pesto from this dinner, shaved brussels sprouts from earlier in the week, and roasted little potatoes which are always on hand in my fridge because they're the best.

This was pretty simple and came together really quickly in a sauté pan and best of all, it turned out to be super delish.

What are some funny combo's of leftovers you've eaten recently to just finish things off? Here's another great hodge podge lunch!