How Do You Maintain Your Hustle - Katy Lynch of Codeverse

In the third episode this season, our awesome guest Katy Lynch, co-founder of Codeverse, came out of the gates with five critical things she thinks are essential to maintaining your hustle:

  1. Being curious and wanting to learn
  2. Remaining focused and not being distracted by competition
  3. Passion and drive
  4. Always striving to be better personally (healthy & wellness)
  5. Surround yourself with great people

Here were my takeaways for each:

  1. When you stop being curious and asking questions, you stagnate. I reminisced back on my high school math teacher who pulled me aside and limited me to 3 questions per class because I asked so many... talk about stunting my growth as a mathematician!
  2. This one really struck a cord for two reasons: First, in my new blogging/instagramming life I am constantly comparing myself with others and it is so frustrating to go down that rabbit hole, this was a good reminder not to do that. Second, I was thinking about my dad and how as an entrepreneur with many successes under his belt and also many missed opportunities, he is never jealous or comparing himself to others. I think that's a big reason why he has been so successful mentally/emotionally in his entrepreneurial journey.
  3. This one is a lot like the first, but it helped me validate internally that I am supposed to be doing what I am doing right now. I literally wake up every morning so excited to create content, challenge myself to share things in a new way, and push this venture forward.
  4. This particular point really went the health and wellness route, and Katy explained why she thinks it's so important to be able to take time for yourself outside of work to exercise and have extracurricular hobbies. Those are the times that we can often be most successful in clearing our heads, finding solutions, and maintaining our energy. AMEN.
  5. Finally, she stressed surrounding yourself with great people. This is really hard but one thing I'e heard is that you should always hire people that are smarter than you. Being able to recognize other people's strengths over your own is huge and will help you fill the gaps in your business where you might not be so strong.

Can't wait to hear what you think about this episode & big thanks to Katy for being such an amazing guest, I think we could have kept talking for five hours!

S7E3 - Katy Lynch
S7E3 - Katy Lynch