Top Five Quotes about Non Excess & Non Possessivness

The quotes on these two topics were so simple but profound when talking about non excess and non possessivness, they hardly need explanation are there any that you love from below? I want to live by ALL of them! 1.) "The number of sheds and storage units, the attractive plastic storage bins that fill rows in our stores, the statistics on American Obesity, and the shortage of waste facilities for our trash are all neon sins that we are people of excess."

2.) "We overdo sex, we overdo food, we overdo work, we overdo sleep, we overdo entertainment, we overdo our material possessions, and often we overdo our spirituality.  We seem far from grasping the concept of "enough"."

3.) Howard Thurman said: "Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. Then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive."

4.) On Non Possessiveness: "But it is the nature of things to change and by failing to let them change or move on, they begin to disappoint us and our attempts to hold on begin to make us stale and discontent."

5.) "Anything we cling to creates a maintenance problem for us.  The material items that we hoard, collect, buy because they are on sale or take because they are "free" all take up space and demand out attention."

6.) Talking about getting stuck on eating the same thing and then being mad when you can't eat it - oh man have I been there!!! Or similarly with expecting to get a workout or yoga class in. "What I was holding onto was holding on to me. Attachments ruin our day when they aren't fulfilled. Attachments make us boring, And attachments keep us blinded to the smorgasbord of new opportunities around us."

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