Spice Mode Tandoori Salmon with Vegetable Biryani & Roasted Cauliflower


When I recently received a package full of spice blends from Spice Mode I immediately started thinking about what I could do with salmon. Since it's a bit of a staple in our home I wanted to figure out a few great ways to incorporate these seasonings in fun new ways while still keeping my general meal structure, protein, veggie, starch - I'm sort of a creature of habit. So with a little head scratching and googling this meal was born. You saw recently that I made a version of biryani and before that I tantalized your taste buds with the crispy roasted cauliflower, but today I'm bringing it all together with this tandoori salmon (side note: I am aware that usually tandoori anything means it was cooked in a tandoor which this obviously wasn't and usually these spice mixes are combined with greek yogurt or coconut milk for a marinade but yea I didn't do that this time either).

I think they thought I done lost my mind when I went to Wabash Seafood Company and asked them for a pound of salmon, without the skin, cubed. Like HUH? Anyways now they know what that was all about! I wish I could tell you some big recipe secret for this but I can't because it was really just 3 ingredients: salmon, lemon, and this spice mode tandoor seasoning.

What I Used:

How To:

  1. Let the salmon marinate for a few minutes in lemon juice, then coat each piece in the tandoor seasoning and pan sear on high heat for a minute or two on each side until the sides are crispy.
  2. Serve it up with this sweet crispy cauliflower and this savory kale biryani

I'm happy to say this will definitely be a reoccurring meal in our house.

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