My Roti Bowl

A few months back I got together with the folks over at Roti to talk about ways in which we can collaborate. Their mantra and mission, which I love,  is "Food That Loves You Back" and when I was recently asked what this means to me I said: "Food that makes me feel good. I've done Whole30 and I really know now what foods feel good in my body and which foods I feel good eating from a mindset perspective (in terms of being more environmentally conscious). Generally speaking, I don't eat much red meat anymore and try to steer clear of adding dairy to my diet when I'm eating/cooking at home and this has really helped me feel more empowered that my food choices are sending goodness into the world. From a physical perspective food that loves me back is food that is kind to my body, it fuels me for the days when I am teaching a ton of classes and burning thousands of calories, it's food that I know is setting me up for a strong future."

So I'm curious, what does Food that Loves You Back mean to you guys?? PS if you haven't been to a Roti but have one in your area head there NOW because it's soooo delish. Here is what I get on my plate: A rice bowl with the salmon kabob, a little greek yogurt and dill sauce, cucumber salad, fresh roasted veggies, pickled carrots/cabbage, and a pinch of cilantro. For me, this plate is the perfect combo of warm and filling thanks to the rice and the omega-rich salmon, but light with the crunch of all those beautiful bright veggies. I prefer to keep the heat on the low side so all of those options keep the dish flavorful without a serious burn.

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