Highs & Lows: 4/20/18

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  1. Feeling our baby kick: For a few days I could tell something was going on down there. There was a pressure and tightness that was new and a few times I felt something really faint. But on Monday I was sitting really still in the car going through my grocery list on my phone before heading into Trader Joe's and kick kick kick! A few times in a row in the same spot, I can only describe it as a little pin ball. My sister in law called it popping popcorn, some saw flutters. Whatever it was I knew it wasn't food and almost felt like a little muscle spasm. I have felt a few more faint movements but nothing like the initial thuds again. At first it really kinda gave  me the creeps and I got nervous I wasn't going to like the feeling but now I'm hoping he does it again soon!
  2. Hedaing to California: For a long weekend/my dad's bday (see weekend plans below, basically basking in the sun, enjoying my niece and nephews, and eating some favorite foods)
  3. Getting our taxes done in the knick of time: Literally on tax day but it all worked out and we are good to go and actually overall don't owe this year thank the lord. PS did you hear about this??


  1. Low temps & April snow: I mean seriously Chicago??? It snowed multiple times this week with real feels in the 20s!!!
  2. SI joint pain: It had been bothering me for about a week but I wasn't positive about what it was so I went to the chiro (shes also pregnant with her second and knows a lot about pre-natal adjustments etc, so she loosened me up and gave me some good stretches to do.
  3. An akward mixup with a sub: Ugh I told someone they could sub my class when it turns out the manager said that person can't sub there anymore becuase she didn't show up to a class she was supposed to teach. So I told her I was sorry for the mix up and hadn't realized she didn't teach there anymore only for her to tell me the manager hadn't informed her of that!! So akward and made me feel like an idiot, but oh well.

Best Thing I Ate: 

Finally making it to the new location (they used to be in Lincoln Park) of one of our favorite little pizza places Nella Pizza & Pasta now in Hyde Park (with a quick drive by of Obama's place since it was literally just down the street)

Weekend Plans:

Heading out to sunny (fingers crossed emoji) California for a weekend of sun, family, and birthday celebrations for my dad. We havent been out there since we surprised them and announced our pregnancy in early February which is too long for me to be away from my nephews and niece - many more pics/stories to come on my Insta this weekend if you want to follow along real time! Here are some tentaive plans:

  • Friday morning heading to mommy & me pre-school for my niece who is celebrating Earth Day, anticipating cuteness overload
  • Friday afternoon hot yoga iwth my sister in law at Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica
  • Saturday enjoying sunshine and watching my 4 and 7 year old nephews play some baseball. Followed up with a pizza night from our favorite Mulberry
  • Sunday spending the day hopefully at the beach hanging with my dad in Laguna for his bday then an easy family dinner of everyones favorite fish tacos from Baja Fish Taco (kid friendly)
  • Monday spending a day with my mom, popping into her shoe store, more yummy food
  • Tuesday heading back up to LA with my mom to spend the afternoon with the littles
  • Wednesday heading home midday to make it back in time for my Thursday/Friday 
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