Highs & Lows: 4/27/18

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  1. Spending 5 days with my fam in California: It was so perfect. My nephews and niece were hilarious and adorable, the food was delish, and I had WONDERFUL weather. See below for more pics!
  2. Feeling the little guy move even more: I even saw it!! It's still very sporadic and the best way I can describe it is like a muscle spasm. You know when suddenly your tricep or your eye starts twitching and you have zero control. To me that's how it feels when he's squirming around in there.
  3. Having an Instagram follower make and loved my Homemade Almond Milk (she couldn't believe how easy it was to make and how fresh it tasted compared to store bought). I absolutely adore when someone follows one of my posts and makes something that they really enjoy, it makes my day... and apparently my week!
  4. BONUS!!!! following up from the scary carrier screening results I got back in this post with some good news...my husband is NOT a carrier for the two things that I am a carrier for so we are good to go! He did however get the full panel done for himself (who knows why? except my mom did point out that in case he has kids with someone else later in life it's good for him to know... haha ok WUTTTT?). Anyways interestingly enough he too is a carrier for something, but just one thing and since we have no overlaps that's good news!


  1. Terrible Eczema: I have always had eczema and I do feel like it get's worse when I do things like hot yoga but this past week in CA it got so much worse. I don't know what triggered it exactly but I forgot my FAVORITE solution at home (PS I discovered this in Australia and have had multiple friends/family bring bottles back when they make a trip there cause you can't get it in the US!). I don't know if the pregnancy is making it worse but ouch!
  2. Round Ligament Pains: This is new! Apparently it's pretty common but it's unfortujnate nonetheless. I notice it mostly in my lower abdomen when I do things like pull my leg up to put on shoes. I've heard it's temporary so fingers crossed!
  3. Getting a sun burn: Ok apparently ANOTHER pregnancy symptom, skin being more sensitive to the sun. I'm sure it was a combination of my skin not being in the sun for MONTHS, plus being sensitive in pregnancy, and maybe the sun being stronger than I thought? I wore sunscrern the whole time but apparently it wasn't enough. Lesson learned in time for summer!

Best Thing I Ate:

Baja Fish Tacos, hands down. This place does it right. Every. Single. Time. Now I just need one in Chicago. If you're ever in southern California, go, get the fish tacos (or my dad's favorite shrimp buritto with salsa verde & lime), and ask for extra white sauce on the side. Just  do it.

Other great meals: pizza from Mulberry, greek salad & more pizza at Urth Caffe, carnitas burritos from Baja Fresh, dinner at Urban Plates, and lunch from Clementine

Weekend Plans:

Getting back into a healthy routine! No big plans except doing some catch up work on blog posts and something else exciting that I'm working on. Hopefully enjoying some nice(er) weather in Chicago! What are you guys up to??



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