Oars & Alps: Skin & Body Care Product Review

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As some of you know, I used to work at PepsiCo. I was there for a total of five and half years, four and half of which were spent in Supply Chain and the final year in Shopper Marketing.

While in Shopper I had some amazing teammatesthat I have stayed friends with since, one in particular who has started this new "Topic Club I'm part of (more to come in another post on that!). Well a while back she left PepsiCo to join a female founded start-up called Oars & Alps. If you've heard of them it's because they are KILLING is in the mens (but really gender neutral) organic/natural skincare and grooming product department.

She gave me some samples to try out or give to my husband (selfish me I've kept them all for myself) and a few of them have become staples.


For the past 9 months I have completely stopped wearing deodorant after learning about how bad it is to keep those toxins locked in your body and how areas where your lymph nodes gather are the most aborband parts of your body, ones you should be EXTRA careful in lathering with chemicals.

That said, pregnancy causes you to seriously smell things, like yourself and I've found myself reaching for the Oars and Alps deoderant to help. The good part about theirs is that they use a corn starch base (not aluminum which blocks your pores) . Plus I love the slightly masucline smell, I've never liked flowery sweet scents so this suits me.

Face Wash On The Go:

Ok my favorite thing about the facewash is the application. Truthfully I keep this in my travel kit  because its better than wipes or trying to carry a liquid soap. It's easy to close, it doesn't spill, and it's a great facewash.

Bar Soap:

I have both the Exfoliating and the Moisturizing bars and they're wonderful. I used to use Dove but again after learning more about where to avoid puttingchmicals on your body it's become increasingly obvious that natural options like these are SO MUCH BETTER.


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