Gender Reveal Party


As I mentioned in this post, Gender Reveal Parties have been a thing in my family so I figured I might as well keep the tradition going. We decided to invite a few friends and family over this past Sunday for a gathering of food, March Madness and finding out Baby Burke's gender!

The Details:

We invited over a handful of family and friends for a casual gathering from 3-6PM and scheduled the actaul reveal for 5PM central time. We decided to do it on Instagram Live so that loved ones and Peeps from the Insta world could participate in real time regardless of location. 

The Food:

We kept it simple - pizza (boy food?), crudite with Lantana Foods Hummus (girl food?), Live Love Pop Truffle Salt & Salt and Vinegar Popcorn because I have craved salty vinegary things this whole time, and of course something sweet - homemade rice krispie treats dipped in pink and blue white chocolate (recipe coming soon!) 

The Decorations: 

Also simple. Blue & Pink garlands from target, a bowl for voting with Baby Burke's sonogram pic attached, and of course our YogaClub Box. Plus my friend Natalie brought the cutest bouquet of pink and blue flowers in a baby bottle with the top actaully in the bouquet.

The Reveal:

The Instagram Live itself went well and so many people got to watch real time, however it didn't save so it couldn’t be seen after the fact but luckily we had other friends taking videos, pictures, and boomerangs galore!

The best part of course was finding out (NO SURPRISE TO THIS LADY WHO HAD A MOM’S INTUITION) that we are having a BABY BOY!

gender reveal flowers.jpg
gender reveal rice krispies.jpg
almonds and asana gender reveal hummus.JPG
almonds and asana live love pop corn.JPG

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