Sunday Round Up March 25th

almonds and asana greyson gender reveal.JPG

The Big Reveal:

Today is THE DAY!!! The day we find out whether we're having a baby BOY or a baby GIRL. The truth is I have had the answer sitting in my email for a couple weeks and sitting in a sealed box on our counter for a week and I have HONESTLY not peaked. PS how cute is this photo of me and my first nephew at my brother & sister-in-law's gender reveal for my second nephew? Also if you want to see more about that party from 2013 check out MY REALLY OLD BLOG

That said I am 100% predicting a little man. What do you think it is??

Weekend Recap:

Besides for the big reveal which will be on Instagram Live at 5:00PM this afternoon (central time!), we spent the weekend doing boring stuff like prepping our taxes, cleaning up for the party, and generally hanging out since my husband was gone most of last week and is traveling again this week.

My Usual Sunday Routine:

Normally Sunday's are full of meal prep but today not so much. In fact since this whole pregnancy started I've not been on my normal cooking or eating schedule. So instead of tell you what i plan to make for the week today (which I hope to do in the future) I'll show you a few meals that have inspired me lately. Because the truth is my cravings/aversions/desires change on the reg so it's hard to plan right now.

Here are three thing's I've been thinking about making soon:

  1. my own potstickers/dumplings/wontons - I follow Mimi Chengs and it always makes me want to try
  2. asian noodles - apparently I'm in a mood (see #1) and these wide rice noods look like exactly what I need
  3. this bowl of corn & black bean salad inspired me to think of what else could go with it, maybe some sauteed chorizo?


mimi chengs inspo.PNG
drunken noodle inspo.PNG
blackbean salad inspo.PNG