Highs & Lows: 05/11/18

mercadito tacos.jpg


  1. Sharing baby's name! Ok so we actually decided on this a little while back BUT I'm finally ready to share it. Are you ready?? Our little man, due in September is going to be named Ford Olson Burke. For some time now I have loved the name Ford so that was pretty easy, hubs was on board from day 1 but said that will likely mean he gets an F150 when he turns 16... yea, right. In terms of the middle name, that actually was my husbands pick. Olson is my grandfather's middle name, but he has gone by it (well Olie) his whole life. For those of you who don't know my grandfather married us, as well as my brother & sister-in-law in 2007 and my parents in 1976 - pretty cool eh? I got lucky that Burke is a great last name and goes with a lot so it all came together nicely!
  2. A dinner with girlfriends: This sounds so simple but I actually snuck in two girl dinners this week and it was really nice to not only bask in the lovely weather eating yummy summertime fare but having time with the ladies is nice. Especially once you're married and you live with a dude full time, and have another dude who's going to be crashing the pad come September. 
  3. A really nice week with my husband: He travels a lot but was only out of town one night/day this week and has been around otherwise. Sometimes because we are used to being on our own all week we can get a little antsy when we are both home all day every day for a week but this week was really nice to have him around :-) Including last night when we finally lit up the grill for the first time this season and made some delish turkey burgers!


  1. SI joint pain. It's back!! It went away and now it's on the right side YIKES. Well, the good news is I have a PT appointment on Monday and hopefully that helps. However, if this is the worst of pregnancy I'll take it.
  2. Construction: I'm not sharing details yet but we have AGAIN been living through construction, the kind where everything is covered in plastic and dirty.. ugh. almost. done.
  3. A Sad Book. Ok, this wasn't really a big low, in fact, it was more of a high because I needed a new book desperately and my mother-in-law happened to drop this one off along with some other stuff. BUT the part that made it a low was the part that tapped into my extremely emotional pregnant side, LOL I was literally laying in bed bawling my eyes out until my sheets were soaked on Wednesday night.

Best thing I ate:

Honestly, these last-minute tacos on Cinco De Mayo served up at our local West Elm by Mercadito Chicago. We bought them in the store and literally sat out on a sunny curb in the parking lot and scarfed them down. Basically street tacos 

Weekend plans:

Not a ton, enjoying hopefully nice weather & celebrating Mother's Day with my husbands family. I am starting to feel that nesting itch I think. Mostly just feeling the need to start cleaning and organizing but I never can quite find the time. Especially since it's nice out the last thing I want to do is spend my final months of freedom cooped up in the house but that Spring/Summer cleaning is calling my name, time for a purge of STUFF!

PS I am officially 21 weeks, over halfway there so here's some Bump spam in case you wanted to see right after the wedding video!