Highs & Lows: 05/18/18

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  1. Cleaning out junk drawers: Is this that whole nesting thing? I have this crazy urge to go through every drawer and closet and do a massive clean out. On Wednesday I had a few hours in the morning so I went to town on our 50 thousand kitchen junk drawers and our front hall closet. And guess what I found: an old wallet with $26! WINNING.
  2. Our New Peloton!! Ok, so this is my push present. Hubs and I have talked about it for a while but hadn't pulled the trigger and it figured it would be something we got later but he surprised me on Mother's Day with the news that it was arriving Thursday!! I am SOOO excited to have this option in the house, especially once Ford comes and I can't run out to classes all the time. Right now I am sort of limiting my time on the bike but will definitely ride it on occasion and will do some of the off-the-bike classes for sure. SO EXCITED! Who else has one??  
  3. Physical Therapy: For my SI joint pain. A ton of you suggested it and I finally went! Well, I had a brief intro with the therapist two weeks ago where she showed me a few releases to do which have really helped. THen this week I had a long session where she MAJORLY rolled and massaged me out, then gave me more strengthening exercises to do every day. I actually made a video on youtube of the whole routine which I promise I will share soon - it takes me about 25 minutes but it feels great.


  1. Pregnancy Discomfort: I know I really can't complain a lot. Besides the early pregnancy nausea and the SI joint stuff, I have been super lucky so far (knock on wood!!!!). That said, this past week things started getting uncomfortable, or maybe I should just say challenging? Putting on shoes (mostly sneakers I have to tie), sitting in certain positions for too long, generally just getting clothes on and off my body. It's all just becoming tougher and I still have so much more to grow! I'm also getting even more out of breath and the fact that we have multiple sets of stairs in our home that I'm constantly climbing up and down is a serious workout.
  2. A not as great week with hubs: LOL ok he and I literally discussed this last night as I was deciding on my lows of the week, which, were again, few and far between (which I am aware is amazing and am thankful for on the REG). That said, we had a few little tiffs this week as was home ALL WEEK again and that is not our norm. We were able to talk about it after the fact and of course, he realized his absurdity in one particular case (insert eye roll emoji regarding men as a species in general). Love him though.

Best thing I ate:

All weekend long I was craving pasta. But it needed to be really good and I need a couple kids. Ideally, I wanted three. A red, a white, and a pesto. But alas, I ended up solo one night and ordered in 2 HUGE orders pasta from Rosebud On Taylor which served as leftovers the next night for the two of us. I went with a red and white & broccolini to feel like I was being a tiny good. It was so worth it, and I blame it on the baby ;-)

Weekend plans:

Hosting a baby shower!! That's right, not mine, but one of my best friends is due with a little boy in July (she also lives right down the street) which is going to be amazing so 2 other friends and I are hosting her shower at our house. I am in charge of the food and promise to do a full recap. Besides that just doing stuff around the house!

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This Week's Photo Round-Up:

22-week bump-date, organized drawers, my yummy pasta, lunch al fresco (yes that's a turkey sandwich don't judge), our mother's day feast at my husband's aunt's house, the three of us on mothers day, my new organized kitchen junk drawers and our peloton bike!