Baby Boy Nursery Inspiration

almonds and asana baby boy nursery inspiration

When we found out we were having a boy, I knew that I would want to keep his room somewhat neutral since much of our house is gray and white, with occasional pops of color (like coral in our room). I'm not super into nautical themes, and generally blue isn't my favorite color so I did a little inspo research and immediately fell in love with the idea of greenery.

As I've shown you guys before in some of our home decor photos, we have some awesome fake greenery in our house including succulents and trees. So the idea of extending that into his room was perfect and I knew my husband would like it too.

While I LOVE everything below I am keeping an open mind because I just found out that West Elm (where almost everything else in our house is from) just dropped a kids line of furniture, and SWOON, everything is adorable. More to come on that!

PS did you see that I recently shared out baby's name??

Scroll down to see details on each piece I love and then shop these items instantly below or on my LikeToKnow.It Page

The Crib:

I knew I wanted something classic, but all I was seeing online was super mod. I quickly took a peek at Pottery Barn and instantly loved the simplicity of the Kendall crib. I knew it had a really familiar look to it though and sure enough it's the same crib my brother has had for all three of his kiddos (but in chocolate brown). Turns out my sister-in-law has always loved it and it's lasted for three kids so I'm thinking it's sturdy. I originally thought I'd go gray but have changed my mind to white since the walls in the room are already gray.

The Glider:

Honestly, we stop at the West Elm on North Ave in Chicago almost EVERY Saturday because we're big fans and well we're boring AF on the weekends. That said, they always have this one glider out and after sitting in it and enjoying it's seamless ride more than once I decided I didn't even need to look any further. We''re sort of loyalists to that place :-)

The Art:

This took a bit of searching but I finally found these prints on Etsy and they are EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I still need to decide what size and how I'll frame them but love the overall look of these prints together.

The Bedding:

To be honest, it was a Pinterest picture of the Little Unicorn Tropical Leaf Quilt that really got the whole thing started so I would be remiss if it wasn't included. Then, of course, I went down the rabbit hole of all the cute Little Unicorn stuff and found matching bed sheets (plus an extra pair with prickly potted plants) and of course registered for those same two patterns for his changing pad covers.

The Rug:

Again I knew I wanted gray and white, I wanted it to be modern but also whimsical in that little kid sort of way. When I saw this design I knew it was the right fit immediately, I love that it is a somewhat familiar and current look but with a child-like feel since the lines are slightly askew.

The Rest:

As far as the dresser goes I'm still undecided, that will come later. We'll also need to find a lamp or two, bookshelves, and some fake plants for the walls!