Loft Lighting Tips


In all of the renovations we've done (3 different loft units in total) we have of course used professionals for most of the work, but not the design. Luckily my husband has a great eye for layouts (seriously like I think it should become his second business pretty soon) and we both have a similar aesthetic in terms of finishes so that part has always come pretty easy to us. 

However, when we finally combined the two units we now live in, the one part we needed some guidance on was lighting. We decided to stop at our favorite spot, Rejuvenation and get some tips.

It actually worked out really well, they sent a specialist for a free consultation and we walked through the whole house discussing where we thought we needed light fixtures, where he thought we needed light fixtures and checking out their pieces online to come up with a plan.

His tips were really helpful and allowed us to create "moments" throughout the home despite it being a VERY open concept. 

Here's what we ended up with:

These pendants over the kitchen island which help keep the kitchen view from the front of the home to the massive windows in the living room wide open and unobstructed while still adding a touch of style.


This hanging pendant as an accent next to the TV which acts as a pop for the eye. This was more about the fixture than the actual light it provides but I love the way it looks in the space.


Both this hanging pendant and these exposed lightbulb plugins to create more ambiance in the sitting area, they easily plug into the wall and can be shortened using these cool gadgets.

This chandelier as the focal point above the dining table - funny story we accidentally had the wrong ceiling height when we ordered this which was CUSTOM made by the way to fit the length and when it first arrived it literally hung down lower than the dining table!!! Luckily Rejuvenation was really kinda and swapped it out for us for no additional charge.


Have you ever had someone come in and help with an aspect of design in your home?? So curious to hear from others! PS Shop tons of my favorite accent pieces that we actually have in our home below or on my LikeToKnow.It Page.