Highs & Lows: 06/29/18



  1. Topic Club: We had our once a month get together on Thursday night and I'm always reminded how nice it is to have a somewhat random group of girlfriends that I catch up with once a month over a topic which ends up just turning into a life chat.
  2. A Busy Monday: Even though it was tough physically and I was starving by the end of the day, I love a busy packed day and Monday was that - 5  classes and 2K calories plus burnt teaching - whew!
  3. A Crowded Class: Last week I had a couple of classes with REALLY low attendance and it's hard not to take it personally. You start to wonder "oh no do people not like my class anymore?" The fact is, at this particular location the ebbs and flows of attendance are SO random, everyone comments on it. But it was nice this week when classes were back to their normal sizes, one even being super full!


  1. Justice Kennedy Announcing Retirement: The saga of this whole thing just continues. It's scary beyond belief that the actions of this president will have lifelong effects for generations to come. It's both scary and exhausting. I hate that I've become exhausted of politics the last few months, not paying as much attention because that is EXACTLY what we don't want to happen but it often just feels like too much.
  2. Construction: This is, of course, a high and a low. The high is that we are in the final stages of getting work done. The low is just that, as always it drags on and living in dust and construction tools everywhere and living by the worker's schedules is taxing. So close.

Best thing I ate: 

The pesto pasta special AGAIN at Nella Pizza & Pasta in Hyde Park

Weekend plans:

My family finally arrives tomorrow evening! Before that, I have a brunch with some old co-workers and TONS of cleaning/prep to do before they arrive but honestly, I like that kinda stuff so I'm excited I just can't wait to dig in and check things off my list between this afternoon and tomorrow. Beyond that, Sunday is my baby shower and my family is staying until Thursday morning to celebrate the 4th here. I'll be posting lots on Instagram so follow along there!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: 

Some yummy eats, a few healthier meals, a LONG Monday teaching five classes, a new book I just ordered, my 28-week selfie/bumpie!