Highs & Lows: 07/13/18



  1. Babies: Multiple friends had babies over the past week and it has been so fun and exciting to hear their unique birth stories, see photos, and meet the little ones! The other awesome part? Making food for said baby momma's. The lasagna pictured about went out to one family who already has a toddler plus a newborn! It's a super simple recipe full of spinach and ricotta - will post it soon!
  2. Lake Time & A Perfect Sunset: After the weather cooled a bit this past week we took advantage of some perfect lake days this weekend. And the most gorgeous sunset, photos below!
  3. Feeling Kicks: He has been SO active this week and although it can occasionally be uncomfortable it's fun to try and guess at what in the world he's doing in there.


  1. A stomach bug: That lasted about a week. I finally went in to see my general internist and she said I most likely just got a virus and it's taking me longer to get over. Woof.
  2. My Family Leaving Town: They were here for 5 days and although it was a little exhausting at 7 months pregnant to host a ton of people including 3 little kids, I was really sad to have them leave.
  3. Politics: I feel like I've been more withdrawn the past few months, I think out of some mental self-preservation and although I'm tempted to keep that up it just seems like now more than ever is the time to pay attention and speak up. I'm getting back into my routine of calling my representatives to remind them of what I want them to do.

Best thing I ate: 

This yummy healthy Salmon dinner al fresco at home, details coming in a blog post soon (see photo roundup!)

Weekend plans:

Baby classes!!! I have been super low key on this stuff so far, having only read one book (Like A Mother) and have so far attended zero classes! On Saturday morning we have a 2 hour class at my Dr's office then Sunday a 3 hour CPR class at the hospital. After that, I'll see how we are feeling and maybe will add some others on. Otherwise just laying low and resting up, maybe finally starting to unpack those baby shower gifts!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: 

Bumpin at my last Spenga classes, lasagna, yummy tofu soup, salmon dinner al fresco lake pics!