Highs & Lows: 08/03/18

roti modern mediterranean salmon salad.jpg


  1. My 33 Week Dr. Apt: I swear my appointments are like 5 minutes long which I guess is good because it means all is well?? Sometimes I wish there was more chit chatting but I know the Doctors are busy so oh well! Good news is I was measuring just right, my next appointment is in 2 weeks then I start going every week AHHHHH!!!! Really hoping this little man stays put and doesn't come any too early cause I am NOT ready.
  2. A Volunteer Event with Soho: I haven't had a chance to volunteer really at all this summer and it was really nice to take a break mid-week to do that. As a member of Soho I was able to sign up for this cool, ongoing volunteer program where we teamed up with the folks over at 360 Nation who are running programs throughout the year at Sumner (a local grammar school). This particular event had to do with helping them on a project where they are transforming a vacant lot into a garden to help provide fresh produce to the community and learn about sustainable agriculture in the process. One cool thing I learned about was the lasagna method for gardening. Have you heard of this?
  3. A bunch of sweet students loving my current playlist: this sounds so simple and people often ask for where they can find my playlists but this month in particular (or whoops July which I put together late) seems to really be catching ears. If you want to check it out head here.


  1. Feeling really nervous about baby's arrival: Everyone keeps saying "you're so close!!" and while I know that is an exciting thing it just makes me so aware of the fact that life as I've known it for almost 30 years is about to change forever in the most dramatic and wildest way in less than 2 months and that is, for me, terrifying. I've always been one who anticipates things far in advance. Imagining every scenario. I know it's not the best way to live your life, but it's how my brain works and right now it's on overdrive.
  2. Cravings: I was DYING for dessert in the early part of the week but was "good" and opted for fruit with Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter or a bowl of special K with almond milk instead. But finally Wednesday night I caved and made a batch of brownies... we'll see how long they last!!

Best thing I ate: 

This amazing salad from Roti. It is so stinking handy having a healthy delicious option across the street - my bowl was full of arugula, salmon, tomatoes & cukes, roasted veggies, cilantro & olives plus red wine vinaigrette. YUM!

Weekend plans:

Lake time!! We are planning to head up to my husband's family's lake house on Saturday for a day in the sun. Sunday we will probably be home, running errands (maybe finally picking up the glider??) then I've got a staff meeting for one of my studios, teaching a class, and having some friends over for a grill out. Lovely little weekend right??

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Bump pics & that awesome event from Wednesday at Sumner with 360 Nation