Highs & Lows: 08/10/18

glaze teriyakki


  1. A visit to Ball Seed Gardens: More to come in a blog post soon but I got to take a tour of the gardens and learn so much more about gardening and horticulture, in general, it was super cool! Through August they are open on Saturday mornings to the general public!
  2. Maternity Photos: These are going down today with my favorite photog and I am excited and nervous all at once. Can't wait to share!
  3. A visit with the Pressed Vibrance Team: Catching up with my friends over at Pressed Vibrance to learn about their Her Mona Box. More details to come but join them at this event (which I probably won't be attending since it falls on Ford's due date!!)


  1. A bad weekend of gun violence in Chicago: It's crazy how this city can be so small in some ways and so big in others. If you are fortunate enough to live in a certain part of town you may hardly notice that in neighborhoods not all that far away, 66 people were shot over the weekend, 30 of those in a 3-hour span. It's hard to know what to do, but being more aware of the fact that the disparity continues to expand and that the privilege of simply being born white can be a matter of life or death.
  2. Pre Labor Contractions: My body is definitely getting ready for baby, I can just feel it. The stretching and pulling near my pelvis and the tightening of my low abdomen occasionally when I'm walking. It isn't always painful but it can catch you by surprise and really makes you slow down. So much so I finally took my first real nap and of course my husband had to take a photo to commemorate lol.
  3. Missing my old workouts & yoga & teaching: I got a really sweet message from a Spenga student saying how much she missed my regular Monday class which I've stopped teaching at this point. It was a sweet reminder but also made me a little sad about how restricted I'm getting in my movement. All for a good cause though!

Best thing I ate: 

A chicken & salmon teriyaki bowl from Glaze Teriyaki! What a genius idea this place has, so simple but so delish. Check them out in Lakeview East. 

Weekend plans:

I honestly don't know! We have a lot of baby stuff to do but that keeps getting put off, we really have no plans as of now so we'll see!

This Week's Photo Round-Up: Bump pics, food from the week (healthy & unhealthy), a trip to Ball Seed Gardens, stretching and rolling out my tight painful bod!