How To Prep A Week's Worth of Smoothies in 10 minutes


So my husband has recently come to the conclusion (sans doctor) that he is allergic to gluten, dairy, and eggs. And honestly, I don’t entirely think it’s incorrect, it’s just sort of a huge bummer.

He hasn’t done much to really change the way he eats, which I think could have monumental impacts on generally how he feels, but we are trying to make small steps. 

One of those is coming up with a good breakfast option for him. When you cut all of those things out it makes breakfast tough, but we think that nutrient dense smoothies with some protein or collagen will help not only fill the void but keep him full enough to avoid late morning snacking.

Since I’m the queen of the kitchen around here I decided to go ahead and get some smoothies prepped for the next 7 days so that we could do it without even thinking. I sorted the ingredients into containers I already had (going forward I’ll need to find smaller ones!) but this is a good start.

In Each Container:

In the white canister:

So the plan is, each morning we'll toss 1 box of frozen produce into the blender with 1-2 scoops of the dry good mix and a hefty pour of almond milk then give it a blend. Easy as that! If it works out I think each week I'll try to prep batches like this with different combo's unless he really gets hooked on one and then that's even easier!


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